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New Hampshire

Help with Rehersal Dinner Venue in Nashua

Looking for suggestions for a rehersal dinner in the Nashua area. Quite a few people are from out of town so I don't want to stray too far but willing to go to neigboring towns.



Re: Help with Rehersal Dinner Venue in Nashua

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    Let's see....some recs

    1. Martha's Brewery Exchange downtown is fantastic
    2. Villa Blanca (also downtown)
    3. Valentino's (in Hudson)
    4. I went to one at the restaraunt in the Crown Plaza...it was nice
    5. Lui Luis has a function room downstairs that is nice
    6. Country Tavern (on Amherst St....food is good...been there for brunch)
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  • cmhcbbcmhcbb member
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    We're having ours at Lilac Blossom (off Exit 1).   Other options are:

    Surf (downtown)
    Michael Timothy's (downtown)
    Villa Banca (downtown)

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    We had ours at Martha's.  My only complaint was that there was no music.  They told my ILs that we could plug in an iPod or just listen to whatever was playing downstairs, but when we got there, there was no music.  So I asked and they told me they were having trouble with their speakers.  One of our guests had been to a baptism party there a few months earlier and they had the same 'problem.'  It kind of just annoyed me that they knew it was broken and didn't bother to fix it.

    I guess it you don't care about that, the food was good.  The other ladies' suggestions are also good.  HTH!
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    Thanks ladies!
  • mariegramariegra member
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    Yeah, I am not really a fan of Martha's Exchange...they used to be 'good' back in 'the day'....but they've really gone down hill.  On the other hand, I really like Valentino's.  Michael Timothy's is very nice--but very expensive--so it depends upon your budget.  I also think the Common Man in Merrimack is very nice and they have small rooms that you could have for a more private gathering, (it is an old Inn and barn that were converted to a restaurant--exit 11 in Merrimack, Daniel Webster Hwy).
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  • JustineR329JustineR329 member
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    I am having mine at Lui Lui.  They have a function room downstairs which you can rent for $50.  They have a buffet which included 2 kinds of salad, 2 kinds of pasta and pizzas.  This price (15ish per person) also include drinks, tax and gratuity :)
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