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Hello ladies, I really need your help w/ finding my flower girl dresses. One is a 2T, the other is a 4. Most places have the 2T in the "toddler" section and the 4 in the "girls" so I'm having a hard time finding a dress that they have in both sizes (that I like). I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount and I want them to be able to wear them again. I would love a floral summer/easter dress w/ dark purple in it but would settle for a white dress and I'll just put a purple sash on it. I'm considering making them myself at this point. Hopefully you guys know of some good places! Thanks!

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    Have you tried dept stores?  I saw some adorable ones at nordstrom's the other day! 
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    I got my flower girl dresses at JCPenney, but it was a few weeks ago so they were technically Easter dresses. What about ebay if you know their measurements? Those seem to be affordable and cute. I know flower girl dresses can get pretty pricey at bridal places, even davids bridal- esp. with 2 flower girls!

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    Got mine at Target for about $16 a dress.  They were adorable.
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    I've looked at all of those places, plus many, many more. The problem is that one girl is in the "girls" section and the other is in "toddlers." So when I find a dress at Target, dept stores, etc. they usually only have it in one section or the other. I'm going crazy!
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