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I went to my first shower yesterday as a guest and learned so many little traditions that I never heard of before (ie breaking bows= number of children you will have, all shower bows make the rehearsal bouquet, etc) I thought I was pretty knowledgable of wedding ins and outs but this was all new to me! So thought I would ask of any other little pre-wedding or shower traditions that others have heard of????
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Re: Shower Traditions

  • Those are the only two I know of.  Before the shower, H said to me, "you better not break any bows!"  I was very careful and didn't break a single bow - go me!
  • yeah those are the only two I'm familiar with too.....
  • Ditto and I've been to a lot of Wedding Showers!
  • I've never heard of that! ... But I haven't been to any showers just yet. I know that it's the 16th though! It's coming! Thanks for the heads up about the bows. lol.
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  • Those are the only two I have heard of!
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    Stage, if I knew people were going to do that, I'd just say a calm 'thank you!' to everyone! Every shower I've been to has been pretty classy, even if casual. I'd have a heart attack if they did that in front of my mother and aunts and such!

    Those are the only two I've heard, too, and I didn't know about them until the last shower I went to. I was surprised I'd never learned them too!
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