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Rehearsal Dinner Budget


Re: Rehearsal Dinner Budget


  • My daugther and her FH are having their RD at a BBQ and Rib place near the beach where they are getting married.  The food is great and not very expensive.  The total cost (without alcohol) will be about $250 for 25 people. 
  • we are doing a cookout in my FIL's backyard. homemade burgers, chips, veggies, and drinks under $50.
    we just wanted a fun time for everyone to be relaxed and thought this would be an easy way to do it.
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  • i forgot to mention, it will be for about 35 people
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  • We are going to do something low key at my parents' house. It should cost around $200- $250, just depends on what we want to serve. We will have about 35 people.
  • My FIL are hosting and I imagine it is around $1000.  We will be in a side room at a  local, casual-dining place with salad or soup, choice of three entrees, desert, and soda.  Guests can buy drinks for themselves at the bar.  There will be about 40 people there after we include the party and thier spouses, family, and the readers from the ceremony.  I never realized how expensive these things can be! 
  • Nice local Italian restaurant for 22 people will cost us under $350.
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  • We're just ordering in Pizza...having salad and lemonade, maybe cookies or ice cream for dessert.  Keeping it simple, hoping to come in under $250.
  • We are hosting ours so it will be a casual backyard cookout, burgers and brats, no alcohol, FI's family doesn't drink, so we are really trying to stay under $250. FIL's have paid for their other 3 son's RD's but have not offered to pay for ours, so we are assuming they aren't and with so much of my family being OOT, we want to be able to include them as well.
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  • We're doing a huge pizza party with a ton of different pizzas, breadsticks, salads and beverages... We wanted something fun and super casual, so this worked out perfectly. We'll have it at my sister's house a few miles from the venue, so we can have a bonfire and plenty of room! This allows us to really enjoy our guests that are coming from far away to be with us...
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    We are planing to have ours at a really contemporary Pizzeria that will include appetizers, salad and pasta with our choice of specialty pizzas. We will be in a semi-private room with a cash bar.  We will have about 40 ppl (including OOT guest) and the package will be no more than $1000 incl gratuity. Hope that helps.
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