la Renascence in east windsor bankrupt

just wanted to let anyone who did not hear the story that la renascence in east windsor went belly up. they were in forclosure procedings since sometime last year and were still doing tours and taking down deposits  for wedding dates they knew they could not fufill beacuse the place would be closed one couple is out 4k because of this. they are schedualed to close sometime in april.

i looked online at the place loved the price and the venue almost called them for a tour but with my finace and his family and friends all living in the middlesex county area and me being in central ct but most family coming from nj pa ny and ri we figured it would be to far. 

if any brides read this who booked with them i am sorry that this happened. i did find a great venue in southington testas enzo the owner is amazing., we got a really good deal with them it includes dj cake and centerpeices

Re: la Renascence in east windsor bankrupt

  • wow I was going to book there but the night before i was at the bar and some creepy dude was hitting on me relentlessly. Then next morning I went to see this place and there he was. Now im super glad I did not book them.
  • very sad!  I feel so bad for any couple that was boking with them.  
    counting down to the big day
  • one couple lost 4 k they were on nbc some places offered them there venue but  did not say anyting about working out any deals. some of the venues should step up and offere them some sort of discount. to have to go and find another place and plunk down more money u might not have is crazy... even worse is this place made a facebook page in june/july and was booking weddings fully knowing they were in forclousure. maybe they thought they could get out of it. i went on the website they did offer a reall lot of stuff for such a little price maybe thats a reason they went under. they were underpricing selling themselves. some of the packages i saw on there like the $ 90 something package with all that food and extras would be abour 125+ at most venues. 
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