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Who initiates sex more, you or FI/DH?
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    Usually its the both of us...BUT recently it has been DH since I'm having a REALLY tough time right now physically feeling attractive since gaining some weight and this always happens to me so I always feel so bad for DH when I hit this place Embarassed
  • nikojammnikojamm member
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    ALWAYS DH!  Poor thing!  I don't know what happened with me... I'm just never in the mood to instigate it!  So sad!
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    Same as niko, FI is definitely the primary instigator. I just don't have the drive lately. And I know it bothers him, which sucks, since it isn't anything to do with him.
  • jagore08jagore08 member
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    Usually it's me but lately DH has been the one to initiate.  I've been so wrapped up with the ending of this semester I don't even think about it.  Come on June!
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  • akavanaghakavanagh member
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    Usually him, I feel awful, but I am usually so exhausted by the end of the day it's the last thing on my mind. Can't wait for 3 months off and the honeymoon!
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    It's pretty mutual. Sometimes me, sometimes FI. Lately it's been him...but then there will be a week where it's all me. We share. :D
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