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QOTD 7/30

If you're keeping up with the olympics, what sports have you watched so far?
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Re: QOTD 7/30

  • lalanslalans member
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    Swimming, Gymnastics and both mens and womens road bike races.  This was all over the weekend/dvred so I can fast forward through the stuff I don't like :)  I've never watched a bike race before, and they were pretty interesting! 
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  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    I feel like I've watched a bit of just about everything: gymnastics, swimming, diving, table tennis, fencing, soccer, basketball. Right now at work we have water polo and equestrian or whatever it's called on. I loooove the Olympics!

  • gymnastics (what a shame about Jordan Wieber!), swimming, water polo, basketball
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  • Oh goodness what haven't I watched lol... I have watched

    Gymnastic (Men and Women)
    Swimming (Men and Women) I am bummed I missed synchronized diving though Frown
    Volleyball (Women)
    Cycling- Road (Men and some of Women)
    Rowing (women... watched a little but not much)

    I guess watching the Olympics and cutting out 100's of 4in. circles for the pomander balls make it go by faster.
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  • Pretty much anything that is on I am watching. I currently have two tv's behind me at worked turned into different channels. Im a slight addict.
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  • I've watched a little bit of everything but swimming and gymnastics the most. I LOVE the olympics!
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  • I want to watch field hockey but they havent been playing it on tv.  I'm going to try to find it online tonight.
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  • I used to be a swimmer, so I'm completely obsessed with watching swimming. I also caught rowing on TV on Saturday and that was really exciting!!
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  • Pretty much everything! Swimming and water polo for sure because I did both in college, also gymnastics, diving, rowing, tennis, cycling, beach volleyball, archery... Pretty much whatever is on and seems the most interesting at the moment. 
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  • Gymnastics, swimming
  • Just the swimming and gymnastics, mostly bits and pieces but I haven't been consistently watching.
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