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Guess who's coming to my wedding-and need a gift idea

Hello all. As some of you may or may not remember, my FI, his two kids (18 and 11) and myself will be going to Vegas toward the end of August for our wedding. It's my second, his third and we wanted a great family vacation with the kids since this will probably be the last time all of us will be together just due to the 18 year old moving on with his life. We have kept the wedding quiet for fear something will occur and the 11 year old won't be able to go with us. (Each child is from a separate marriage of FI). The 11 year old has missed out on soo many family events (including her half brother's high school graduation this weekend) so it's a big possibility.

Well, Fi's ex-mother-in-law from the 1st marriage has remained in FI's life. FI was awarded sole custody of his son when he was 3 years old so the grandparents stayed involved. The mom is no crack addict or anything but just wasn't as fit as a mother. Sadly, she didn't even come to her son's graduation yesterday, even though financially there is no question that they can afford the trip from Virginia. (Yep, didn't even call). In fact, when the grandfather was dying, FI helped him out with his physical care at times (including carrying him down stairs to where it was cooler). Since his death last July, we have had her to dinner many times since she has no family (other than FI's son, her grandson) around and we consider her family.

Moving on to current day-about a week ago, we had the ex-mother-in-law Di over for dinner even though her grandson was at prom. She actually helped me last month completely set up Fi's surprise college graduation party while we were at the ceremony so wanted to say thanks. During dinner, she asked about our vacation plans this summer so I told her we were getting married. She started to tear up and was so happy for us. Seeing her reaction, FI asked "Hey, want to come to Vegas with us?" Yep, his ex-mother-in-law!!! She was so excited and has since booked her flights to be close to ours. We are renting a rather large house so she will be staying with us.

Surprisingly, I am very excited because she is one of the sweetest people I know. She has her own business so can travel whenever and is a blast.(She's currently reading "50 Shades of Grey" if that tells you of her young at heart spirit) Plus, she's a friend of the family so it should be a blast. I was teasing her about being a bridesmaid since the little girl is my maid of honor. 

However, I feel honored she was so willing to come as a friend of the family. Granted she could use the distraction since her husband passed last July and her mom a few weeks ago. So I would like to get her something to say thanks for being a part of our day. Any ideas? She is in her late 60s but incredibly active.

Re: Guess who's coming to my wedding-and need a gift idea

  • How wonderful! Enjoy your vaction

    What about making her an album of pictures from important events in her Grandson's life?
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  • Lisa50Lisa50
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    In Response to Re: Guess who's coming to my wedding-and need a gift idea:
    [QUOTE]How wonderful! Enjoy your vaction What about making her an album of pictures from important events in her Grandson's life?
    Posted by squarepeg72[/QUOTE]

    Great idea!  I was going to suggest something like a restaurant gift card, but that just sounds lame now.  Photo album of the grandchild??  WINNER!!!!
  • Love the photo album idea!  A piece jewelry to go with it would be nice, too.  That would allow her to think of you every time she wears it!  I also think you could include a sweet letter on pretty stationary telling her how special she is.

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  • Thanks ladies. We just did a double frame with pictures of her and her grandson for helping me with fiance's surprise graduation party. But this past weekend, we saw some amazing cubes for pics at Things Remembered and some great wine stoppers as well. I love the jewelry idea as well. I think with her husband passing last year, a piece of jewelry celebrating their marriage may be a great idea. Love the stationary idea with a cute message on it too. I currently am taking a basket to Las Vegas for her with special presents as well as for my future stepdaughter and stepson and groom. Thanks for everything!
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