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My god mother, whom is throwing the engagment party, says to  start a gift registry for the engagment party. I didnt think this was correct. Actually i think it is a little OFF. Her daughter sorta nodded her head and said, i guess you could. What do you think of this?

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    I don't think an engagement party is a gift giving event. People are already giving the couple a gift when they get married; why would they give them one just for announcing that they are?
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  • Guests are not supposed to give gifts at engagement parties. Creating a registry for it is rude, skip it.
  • Thats exaclly what I said! Oy thank god. I was really dreading having to make be honest we already live together and have everything we need and I didnt think it was appropriate....just needed to make sure I wasent
  • It all depends on your circle, some circles will want to know where you're registered because they plan on bringing a gift. I can't imagine going to a party and not bringing a gift, but usually engagement parties, people will bring bottles of wine or champagne and a nice card. We were surprised by all the gifts we got at ours, we received a lot of bottles of wine and champagne and some nice picture frames, candle stick holders, etc.. we even received some money.

    If you guys would like to register now that's fine, just don't advertise to those that are attending your e-party that you already registered. If they ask, you can tell them where you're registered, but typically you won't start receiving gifts off the registries until the bridal shower.
  • Regardless of whether or now you should or could, if you don't want to make one, don't, if you have doubts on making one.
  • Its not rude to start a registry before your engagement party, but it WOULD be rude to include this anywhere on the invites in any way.  In my circle, engagement parties aren't gift giving events (I usually bring a bottle of champagne), but if someone does want to bring you a gift, that's fine.  Now, registering specifically for the engagement party would be considered against etiquette since an engagement party is not a gift giving event, but no harm in registering because, well, you were going to register (though if you were getting married in 2014, I'd definitely side eye a registry so early).
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