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How do you pick a DJ in another city?

It's not like a photog where you can go online & view their finished product. I've found a couple with good reviews...do I just call them up and discuss music choices? I'd imagine they're very similar in terms of what they have in their library. I guess just read reviews...and book one based on that?

Re: How do you pick a DJ in another city?

  • byoung0520byoung0520 member
    edited December 2011
    At the time when I got engaged, I was having an out of state wedding....meaning I was living in CT and my wedding was going to be in Pittsburgh, PA--now I live in Philly so now it's resulted to an out of town wedding.  Soooo, everything was planned from afar, DJ included.  I definitely understand what you're going through.  I contacted the DJ I was interested in and he gave me a list of couples with their email addresses(that had given him the okay to do so) to contact and get their reviews on his work.  It's something about talking to other women who've been in the same shoes in being a bride and the entire bridal process that eases my mind when they recommend something.  All of them were different in tastes, meaning he gave me a list of women whom weren't all the same.  They were all rave reviews that I couldn't say no.  Also, another thing you could do is after reading the reviews...if you ever plan to be in the city where the DJ is from, try to make an appointment to see him, speak with him to feel him out.  I know I made 2 trips out to Pittsburgh when living in CT and I crammed as many vendor appointments in those 2 days as I could...

    Hope that helps and good luck!

  • byoung0520byoung0520 member
    edited December 2011
    Also, I'm not sure how other DJ's work but mine has quite the setup online.  See if these DJ's offer a service online that you can just fill out, it's kind of like a timeline and a go to form for music and such.  It asks you to list your bridal party, what song are they entering to, first dance, garter song, bouquet song, etc....Then the other part of it asks what are your must play, what are your do not play lists...and then you can give him a heads up saying I just want 80's music or no rap crap or whatever else. 
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    We hired our DJ from 3,000 miles away; he has a very good online setup and is very good with communications.  I know each one is different, but most now adays have an online set up that's similar to photographers, but that's how a lot of things are planned now adays, online.
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