Location of Wedding and Ceremony?

Hey Knotties and fellow Canucks!

My fiancé and myself (as well as immediate families) are from Alberta, but we are currently living in Northern Saskatchewan (as a couple, not with our families). I don't know if we will return to Alberta, but the question in my mind is would it be better to have the wedding in Alberta or in Saskatchewan?

Having the Wedding in Alberta would make it easier for moms and dads to be involved in the wedding process, but having the wedding in Saskatchewan would make it easier for me.
Any thoughts or ideas?

Re: Location of Wedding and Ceremony?

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    I voted Alberta, though it depends where in Alberta you're going to do it...

    I'd say it'd be easier to plan it in Alberta, if you're closer to a big town - I'm sure Northern Saskatchewan has fewer vendor choices than somewhere close to one of the larger towns would.

    It's also nice to plan it where family can help out a bit... and while as a bride you will most likely make a few trips to your venue, or to see your caterer, etc., and you'll have family ready/able to go with you, that's not likely to happen if you plan it where most of your family don't live.

    (however, if you live close to or in one of the bigger cities in Saskatchewan, I totally change my vote to Saskatchewan, instead!)

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    You are ultimately making most of the decisions, and this process can be stressful, so I would say have it where it is convenient for you!  But it's a tough call to make!
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    I have no idea what to tell you.  Haha!

    I think in the long run Alberta might be easier because you wouldn't have to worry about everybody travelling?  Unless you are planning a smaller wedding?

    Unless of course, you're thinking like, PA or Saskatoon or a place with lots of accomodations here.  (Ya I'm a Sasky..woohoo!)
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    I voted for Alberta... however it's up to you.  I live in Alberta and our wedding will be in Ontario. Where we are from.  It was very important to me to have the family present.
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