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i'm ashley.  i haven't been divorced all that long (it was finalized in december) and i'm marrying an incredible man in june.  we were going to get married at the end of february.  something absolutely insane and unexpected happened.  my family absolutely adores my new man and they were against a wedding at city hall.  i had myself convinced that they'd have a problem with the whole thing so i wasn't going to involve them in the decision but word got out and now we're having a real wedding in june. 

i'm struggling with a few things about the 2nd wedding.  i still want it to be small (fewer than 20 people) and i'm anticipating a lot of problems with family on this because it will turn into 'why didn't you invite your aunts and uncles and cousins and the neighbors down the street?'

what the heck do i wear?  i didn't want a poofy dress the first time and i sure don't want it this time...

my small, simple, no-frills wedding is quickly turning into this time stealing monster.  all courtesy of pintrest.  for real.  but if it looks anything like the inspiration on my board it's gonna be a kick-butt wedding.  without electricity. 

that was long enough.  sorry about that.  hitting the sack now.  good night.

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  • Welcome.

    Have the wedding you can afford and that you and your fiance want. Unless other people are pitching in financially, they don't get to question who you invite or how much you spend on it.

    As far as what to wear, I found that dresses that are called "destination wedding dresses" tend to be less "poofy"..........white halter dresses with a bit of bling, or drapey/flowy dresses. You could also look into bridesmaid dresses in white. Prom season is coming up, and many dresses are white and don't look like bridal gowns.

    Congrats and good luck.
  • Congrats and welcome.   I second Sue-n-Kevin's recommendation of looking at "Destination" wedding dress lines.  But really, you can wear whatever you want.  If poofy isn't your thing, there is actually a lot out there.  Most bridal salons will have a good selection of "non-poofy" dresses.  Also, JCrew has some awesome simple dresses, and so do a lot of department stores.  Also try White House Black Market.   
  • Welcome.

    I'm going to sound a lot like Sue, first and foremost have a clear budget for your wedding and plan the wedding you and your FI can afford.  That will help take away a lot of drama for you - because when someone pays they want to have a say. 

    There are so many non-poofy wedding dresses out there you would be surprised, some are destination dresses, bridesmaid dresses and of course many retailers (Macy's, Nordstrom, JC Penney's, J. Crew, Ann Taylor, White House/Black Market) have wedding salons.  

    I would caution against Mon Cheri Bridal or entering any of their contests. They don't always have the best track record with their gowns arriving as ordered or for treating brides fairly when dealing with them directly.  I had a horrible experience with them.
  • It's still a real wedding even if it's a City Hall.
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