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Ceremony Music - Opinion?

So, I am 31 and just about the last one in my whole group of friends to get married, with that being said, Im trying really hard to make my wedding unique and different from all of theirs. Which I think Ihave a great start on. ANYWAYS....the song I have always pictured walking down the aisle to, is a song my friend (and bridesmaid) walked down to, 3 or 4 years ago. I mentioned that I wanted that song and she seemed mad that I would even consider it? Is that normal? I guess I think that one certain song could be special to more than just one couple and is it really that big of a deal if I use 2 minutes of it to walk down the aisle to...4 years later? Thoughts ? Am I being insensitive?

Re: Ceremony Music - Opinion?

  • No you are not being insensitive.  I can't tell you how many times I hear the same song for the processional. 

    Your friend should consider it a compliment to her good taste in music, not get possessive as if she owns the song.  Just ignore it and plan your day how YOU and your FI want it.  It's about you two, after all.  I wouldn't worry about what your friends did for their weddings.
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