Venue & Photographer, what?

I realize there are a million generic checklists out there but I’m interested in some personal stories.  

What order did you go about researching and booking your vendors? 

We have booked our venue and photographer for our August 2014 wedding. I have started looking for dresses and chatted with my bridesmaids about their attire…but I don’t know what I should focus on next.

I know nothing about planning a wedding so I am sort of focusing on one “thing” at a time. What would you focus on next?
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Re: Venue & Photographer, what?

  • I would say that maybe your music should be next, whether it is a band or a DJ. I know ours ( was booking up to a year in advance. We booked him in July 2012 for our September 2013 wedding.
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    I would definitely hold off on any bridesmaids attire decisions. Most lists will say to do that 6 months out from the wedding. They also say it can be dangerous to pick your wedding party before that point, as a lot of relationships can change. Styles can also change, you might like next years dresses a lot more!!

    Why don't you start investigating some decor ideas? Maybe make up an idea board of the types of things you would like? Invitation ideas, etc. Don't make any final decisions until you have a better idea of your timeline for the day.

    I found once i had my venue, caterer, photographer and officiant, its all been pretty relaxed and downhill from there (so far).

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  • For wedding ideas, check out Pinterest.  I got a lot of my ideas from there.  But definitely next things on your list, wedding ceremony venue and officiant as well as music because the good DJs/bands will be booked in advanced.  I second Meghasaurus's choice - DJ Ian Liwanag.  Awesome guy!  Tell him Clarissa recommeded him as well.

    Other things you may want to think about are invitations - trying to choose that takes some time.
  • Does your venue provide catering? If not I would start that next. The venue and catering are always the toughest.
  • Venue and catering first.  Followed closely by ceremony location and officiant.  We booked the photographer by 8 months out and cake and florist by 6 months out.  I bought my dress about 8 months in advance and the girls' dresses about 6 months out. I wanted to give ~ 8 week buffer on those in case there was an issue with colour/size/fitting etc.

    Depending on if you have a specific cake or photographer in mind, you may need to book early (10+ months in advance) since they are obviously limited in the number of weddings they'll do in a day.

    Most of the vendors it depends on how picky you are - if you want a really popular florist or a really popular DJ then book early!  If you're more flexible on your flowers then there's not such a rush.
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