Reasonable rates for Dj's please

Can anyone point me in the direction of local dj's in the area? We're looking for something under 2k for 4/5 hours and perhaps uplighting.
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Re: Reasonable rates for Dj's please

  • In the Lehigh Valley:

    Rockin Ramaley (about 1400)
    Holiday Sounds (about 1100)

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    We're using JDA Mobile.  We just chose a basic package for around $1,100 (no uplighting or anything, but it includes 5 hours plus ceremony).  They do offer uplighting and various other enhancements though.
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  • Try Tag DJ's in Stroudsburg.  Mine is about 12,00 which includes cocktail hour.  I got a deal since my wedding is not in peak season so I don't know what his regular price is.  But he is fabulous and highly recommended.
  • DJ Astro, he is about $500 and does a great job!!
  • DJ BRIAN about $600 but includes FREE up lighting....and he did my first wedding to my late husband, nad is doing my wedding next month!  He is AMAZING!
    let him know Adina sent you, as he has become a friend!
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