Reviews from Wedding, Link to Photos and Stuff for Sale Cheap

Hi All,

I've been MIA on this board since we moved to Texas in December, but we had our wedding in Snohomish on May 22nd and I thought I'd send the report on vendors, give the link for the photos and try to sell off some of our stuff!

Stuff to sell:
We have wine glasses, cloth napkins, water glasses, metal tubs, vases, silverware, river rock and other misc items to sell for cheap!!! Please email me at pmarckx at yahoo dot com if you are interested. I made a word doc with photos of stuff from our wedding and prices. My sis has the stuff in the Burien-ish area if you are interested. I figured I'd try hear first. If no response, I'll try craigslist. I really just want to unclog my sis's garage!

Wedding Photos:
The password is: Snohomish

Location: The Waltz Building in Snohomish: A+
Working with Sonia was great. She was very quick to answer my questions and they have all the tables, chairs, coffee pot, and even some dishes and champagne glasses to use! It has a cute gazebo in front where we had the ceremony and it was only something like $450 to rent for the whole day until midnight. A couple we know is now planning their 10 year wedding renewal and are going to use it.

Flowers: Safeway in Snohomish: A+
Dana gave us the best price we could find and the flowers were much nicer than what we'd requested. We did our own center pieces (potted strawberries) but she did 2 bouquets for me 5 bridesmaids, 6 bouteniers, 6 corsages and 2 boxes of rose petals for roughly $350 -you can check them out in our photos. The link will be provided below. She was very quick at getting back to me when I had questions and has something like 15 years experience.

Rentals: R&R Party Rentals: B
I'd heard some stuff previously regarding dirty linens from them, but we only rented plates and a speaker/mic. We had trouble with the speaker because we didn't know how to get it to work, but DH figured it out. They did have a help line which could have possibly helped if needed too. Our stuff was ready on time and no real complaints except if you rent on the weekend the price is more than it says on their website on some of the items. All in all, reasonable though.

Photographers: Larey and Phillis McDaniel of MCD Photo: A
They included a ton of stuff in our package. They gave us a free engagement photo package, a framed 8x10 from the engagement session (can be seen in the wedding photos on top of the piano), 4 hours on the day of, business cards with a photo of us on it with the link to our photo site to give to wedding guests, a wedding album, 5 8x10s from the wedding and a copy right-free disc with the photos on it for $950 (not sure what their current prices are). Plus you get 2 photographers, so they get tons of angles during the ceremony and follow both you and the groom around during the reception. They are more classic photographers. I've seen a lot of b/w with colored part photos or more stylized stuff on here, but I just wanted more of a classic style. They did my sister's wedding, and I loved her photos, so it was a no brainer for me. (The link to our photos is above) I gave them an A because I wish we'd done more poses for our engagement photos, but who can complain when it is free?

Bartender: Pour Girls: B
Janet from Pour Girls was very prompt at returning my calls and was very professional. She assured me we'd only need one bartender for our guest count of 60-90 guests. However, I found out a few weeks before the wedding that for the toast, only the bartender could pour and she wanted all the guests to come to the bar to get their champagne. We reconciled our differences and we just closed the bar for a short period so the bartender could go around with the champagne, but it was a bit stressful to get the abrupt email telling me no a few weeks before the wedding. Everything was fine in the end though and Janet was nice when I called her. I think there prices may be average I heard someone got another vendor for less.

Caterer: Susanne, Paula & Erin: A+++++++
My step-mom and her friends did the food. I may be biased, but it was much better than I've had at any of the weddings I've attended. They used organic and local ingredients in a lot of it and you could tell. I think Erin may have a catering business in the Snohomish area, so if you are interested, email me (email address is in stuff to sell above) and I'll ask her if she's still doing it. Seriously, the food was AMAZING!!! You can check out the photos.

Cake: Grande Finale Desserts: A+++++++++++
Biased because a very close friend is the chef of this business. He only makes cakes for restaurants now (some of the nicer ones around Seattle) but he unretired for doing our wedding cake and it was delicious! It was a simple white cake with butter cream (DH's fav), but it was light and mouth watering. There was also a chocolate sauce on the side.

Officiant: Len Smolen: A+
Very cool guy. Professional and did a great job. He sent us sample words which we put together to say stuff how we wanted. He definitely knew what he was doing.

Dress: Something Blue: A+
FYI -Something Blue has a new location and owner since I bought my dress, but I got my dress at their sample sale for 75% off. It was a coutore (Sp?) dress at a David's Bridal price. The alterations lady in TX said it was her favorite dress to work on and that buying the material would cost more than the price I got it at. Anyway, you might see if they still have the website. Their sample sale last year was in June and July, so you may get a steal from them too if they still have that sale with the new owner.

Hope this helps and hope you guys in Seattle are well! I miss the NW! Let me know if you have questions and thanks for checking it out!

:) Piper

Re: Reviews from Wedding, Link to Photos and Stuff for Sale Cheap

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    thanks for coming back to share your reviews!
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    Congrats!!! Thank you for coming back and sharing that info!  Would you like me to add it to the Seattle Bio?  I probably won't update until after mid July, but thought I'd ask anyhow. :)  You look lovely and the food looked delicious!
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    Thanks for the notes! Sure, I wouldn't mind having it added. I really liked the place we had it at and came about it by chance, so it would be great to share!

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    thanks for sharing!!
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    Thanks for sharing!!!! :)  I love the reviews on here!  Congrats girlie!

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