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Short beach ceremony advice

Need some quick advice- I'm having a 10 mins *tops* wedding ceremony on Crosby Beach in Brewster. I wasn't planning on providing seating- since it's so short- except for my FI's aunt who recently had a serious stroke.
Long story short, my aunt found out about this arrangement and she is FREAKING out, demanding I provide chairs for everyone and accusing my mother of being cheap and wanting guests to be uncomfortable,
Getting married on a public beach in the middle of the day is difficult and the town will not allow us to rope anything off, (understandable- it's a public beach!)
My mom is really upset and I'm kinda baffled.
Am I being unreasonable? Or is my aunt?

Re: Short beach ceremony advice

  • Im getting married on a yarmouth beach in August. I have 110 guests....Their will be 25 chairs for the elderly, Our Parents and, parents with small children. Everyone else will stand behind them. It creates a look of an aisle but also provides seating for those that really need it. I dont think its a requirement though. Hope this helps!
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  • I do agree that some chairs are necessary.  Perhaps you could make it fun and lay out big beach blankets, so that everyone not requiring a chair still has the option to sit or stand.
  • If you are getting married where I am thinking it is a little bit of a walk out there, maybe just get a few benches to make them happy.  Usually couples just get a few for the front for elderly & immediate family...and I have seen pleanty not have any at all.  The blanket idea is perfect for little kids. Not sure who you are using for a florist but I know Fancy Flowers rents the benches that hold 4 people each and I think they are $25 each...they go out and set them up and pick them right back up after and get them back off the beach. 
  • I would just set up a few chairs for the elderly.  Standing for 10 minutes on a beach to watch you get married isn't asking a lot.  It sounds like there are some other family issues at play.
  • I am getting married in Brewster Gardens in Plymouth and you're not even allowed to have chairs there.  They have over 100 weddings each summer so clearly a lot of people have been standing for weddings :-)  I think it's more common than people think and as long as you're considerate towards the elderly etc, I don't think it's a huge issue.  I think it's definitely not "traditional" especially w/ the older generation but I see nothing wrong with it.
  • bring in 20 chairs and tell your auntie to get over herself... 
    (benches work well too... Taylor rental has them and they are nice and not very expensive. 

  • we went to a wedding on the beach in Brewster and I feel as though the chairs were more hassle than they were worth....They sink into the sand and are semi-awkward feeling when you sit... so I think standing would be okay
  • i am doing the same thing, and we are only setting up a few chairs for the elderly people.
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