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April 2013 Weddings

What to put on the cakestand as a centerpiece?

I decided what to do for our tables... brown table runners, a low-ish cake stand/cake plateau covered in a lightweight fabric. Not sure if we'll do lace or what, but it'll drape over the stand and bunch on the table.
I was thinking of putting granny smith apples on it, with a taller candle in the middle, and small votives and ivory & pink flower blooms around it.

My sister said that apples are too fall-ish... so I need a few more ideas of what to put on it.

Our colors are brown, greens and pinks. Our "theme" is more rustic-y and garden-like (but not over the top on flowers) and I'd be down for incorporating a modern and refreshing flair.

Any ideas?

Re: What to put on the cakestand as a centerpiece?

  • What about other fruit like limes? Or a succulent (sp?) maybe, some of those have both pinks and greens.
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  • We're whitewashing and waterpoofing some low wooden boxes and growing wheat grass in them.  We'll stick a few wildflowers in each one, along wtih some fake butterflies. 
    I fell in love with this centerpiece setup, but FI hates it.  If you can find (or wrap) boxes in your wedding colors (maybe even try scrapbook paper) it would look amazing on a cake stand:

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    I don't think apples are too fall-ish. I may be using them myself. If I don't do apples, then I will probably do limes.
  • My friend got married in July, and her colors were lime green and black, and she used green apples in big clear vases.  They looked awesome!  I think apples can look fall-ish if you were doing an entire fall theme, but just coordinating them with the rest of your colors seem fine:)  I think that limes or succulents would work too though.  have you googled green/pink wedding centerpieces?
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