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So our wedding is on 9/22/12 and I want to go on our honeymoon directly after...problem is it is hurricane season and everywhere I want to go seems to have the worst weather in Sept and Oct :( Does anyone have suggestions for NICE all incusive resorts we can stay at during this time? 


  • We got married in September and you basically have 3 choices: -postpone and go wherever you want -book wherever you want and buy travel insurance with an evacuation policy -book somewhere less likely to have a hurricane- like the pacific side of Mexico, Hawaii, Tahiti, California We initially decided to postpone and go wherever we wanted- a 12 day Caribbean cruise in November and our weather was fantastic except for the last day on the ship coming into port in Baltimore (so we were north of the Carolinas in the Atlantic by then- it is cold there in November) Then, last year we say screw it and went to Miami then LA. Weather was great both places, if anything CA was warmer/ nicer. This year we're going on another cruise with friends who got married 2 days before we did. We're leaving out of Miami and going around the Carribean again. We bought travel insurance for less than $100 for the 8 day trip, including $50,000 of evacuation coverage. I don't anticipate needing to use it, but if I do, it's enough to charter a plane, so I'm not that worried about it.
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  • We got married in September and left for our Bahama cruise the day after the wedding.  We had beautiful weather all week.  Our travel agent reassured us saying that if a storm did show up while we were cruising, the captain would steer around us and take us to different ports than originally planned.  But at least we'd still get to cruise and see the sights.  We decided we'd rather risk that than have to wait a few more months.
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  • We got married August 27th and went on our honeymoon the 28th-Sept 4th. There had been a storm the weekend before, but it was nice when we got there. We went to the Dominican Republic.

    If you're worried, just get trip insurance!
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