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Tipping- Food Tasting

We just had our food tasting at our reception venue (sooo sooo good!) and everyone was so accomodating... We got home and just wondered, "Should we have tipped?" The venue coordinator was there, as were a couple servers and the chef. Did you tip after your tasting? Should we send a thank you and a tip now? Everything was just so good, we don't want to be rude!

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Re: Tipping- Food Tasting

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    We didn't tip and I did think about it afterwards. I feel that when we tip on our wedding night, the gratuity will encompass the total amount of service our coordinator and their staff has done for us from day one. I am not sure if this is standard though.
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    We tipped very well, the food was fabulous, they went out of their way to create new dishes for me, let us try multiple options of each entree selection, provided ample wine pairings (we wont even be purchasing wine from them), and exceptional service. Our caterer is also a restaurant so we we're using space in their dining room and their servers time. I don't know if its different if your caterer doesn't have a full restaurant, but I always figure you should tip if you're happy with the service. But since you can't go back in time, I say maybe just add some extra gratuity to the final bill or send a quick thank you with a tip and apologize that in the midst of all the menu decision making it slipped your mind. 

    When I was little my friend and I rode our bikes to Pizza Hut (the first time I ever went out to eat without a parent) and when we got home realized we had forgotten to tip our waitress. When we rode back and brought it to her she was so surprised and thankful. But part of the charm of that might have been that we were like 9 year old girls!
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    We tipped just like it was a normal restaurant. Our tasting was a $50 fee so we actually paid there, then added the tip onto the bill so it was pretty easy.
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    We're sending a thank you and a tip. Since we didn't pay for the tasting (included in the wedding cost, which has a 20% gratuity), the thought didn't cross our minds until we got home. Also, the food was all served in tasting portions- so it's hard to gauge how much 20% actually was. But since there were servers present, we're going to send the tip. Can't hurt!
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    My tasting was at the caterer's building, and was free. Our saleswoman basically noticed FI and I trying to figure out the tip and told us not to bother, so we didn't.
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