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Late April outdoor wedding? Easter??

Would you consider an outdoor afternoon reception (seated dinner, dancing) in April (23rd, so average high is 70deg and average low is 48deg) too cold or risky? 
This would be Mt. Vernon area of the state.

It would be on a tented patio, we could put sides on the tent (covering the gorgeous views that are part of why we'd choose the venue) and/or heat it.

I keep going back and forth about this, I didn't want anything outdoors and now we've found this venue that's GREAT except the reception would have to be outside. I just don't know if this is a crazy awful idea or not.
Plus, we'd be getting married the day before Easter and our families are religious Catholics & Episcopalians (we are not having a religious ceremony though). 

Yeas? Neas? Am I crazy for considering this? Looking for a reality check here...

Re: Late April outdoor wedding? Easter??

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    I think you would be fine. You have a plan if it is going to be cold, On the plus side, if it is going to be a nice day, then you know it would be an awesome reception venue!

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    I think it could be great! Just keep in mind your wedding parties attire. Wearing short dresses probably wouldn't be nice once it gets to 40 degrees.

    You could have fun things like warm drinks etc.

    What kind of theme are you going with?
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    We haven't picked a specific theme yet, we've been holding off until we found a venue and date. 
    We know it's going to be black tie optional (fairly formal- we're having a quartet and no DJ and ending by 8 or 9pm), and the color scheme will probably be light blue (lighter than Tiffany blue, and less green) with a warm cream or yellow and silver. 
    I'm not really into having tons of flowers everywhere (plus both sides have allergies to various pollens), but now I'm wondering what other themes are open to us when we'll apparently be outside, in a tent surrounded by gardens. There is a view of a river, I'm just not sure how we'd turn that into a theme.
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    I don't think it's crazy, but I do think it's a good idea to have a plan B like you do with the heaters. I got married this past April 24th with an outdoor ceremony and it was a bit chilly and windy. It was warm all month leading up to that day and then it was just some crazy weather. DH and I were perfect (with a big dress and hot tux) but everyone else was a little cold.

    Also, my cousin got married 2 years ago the day before Easter. My dad's side of the family are very religious, but it didn't stop anyone from attending the wedding and having a great time. As long as people can still mark Easter on the day it happens, I think they won't be too put out.
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