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Michael's Tuscany Room - San Pedro

Has anyone had a reception at Michaels' Tuscany room in San Pedro? If so, how did you like it? Was it nice? Did your guest enjoy it? How was the food? Or has anyone been to a wedding at this location? Any reviews would be great!
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Re: Michael's Tuscany Room - San Pedro

  • Yes, I did make sure to check Yelp and Google all the reviews I could find about Michael's but sometimes those sites make me wonder when they have nothing but amazing reviews; makes me worry that the reviews are really friends of the owners or something. Paranoid, yes I know but I was just being thorough, hehe. Thank you for the link =)
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    This is our venue, but not until July. I am hoping that the reviews are right. We're having the ceremony at Angel's Gate Park though (Korean Friendship Bell).  

    I also emailed one of the brides through Yelp about her wedding and she responded with really positive feedback. I was having a lot of reservations because the venue doesn't have any type of outdoor area, but the inside is so gorgeous and the price was great. I'm looking forward to having a blast that day!
  • Yes, I am getting more and more excited about having our reception there. At first I wanted an all outdoor venue but it's probably a better idea to have an indoor location for an October wedding. It's a plus that the inside kinda looks like you're in an outdoor courtyard with the brick walls and plants and all. I'm thinking that we're going to have our ceremony at the Lighthouse in Shoreline Aquatic Park. It's a gorgeous view! Just a little concerned about wind...but, hey, I guess not everything can be perfect, right? Smile

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  • Michael's is so pretty inside and Carol Ann is great to work with. As for the weather, it's so unpredictable... you could have had a wedding in January at 80 degrees this year!! And the wind might make for some beautiful pics. It's windy at our ceremony venue too, but the view is so great that we really are looking forward to it. I wish I had thought of the Shoreline Aquatic Park. Where will you get ready beforehand? We're thinking Hotel Maya... or maybe the Doubletree in San Pedro. 

    I'm going to look up Shoreline Aquatic Park just so I can see pics!!
  • I was thinking of getting ready at the Maya too! It's so close to the Shoreline Park it is the most logical choice; plus I really want to see what the rooms are like hehe.

    There really aren't any pictures online that show a ceremony at the Aquatic park. There are pictures on the day of, of couples who got married nearby I guess. I think the view at your location is amazing too! If I remember your location is more on a cliff so it's higher up than our place and has a wonderful view of the sunset. But we really liked our location because it's in Long Beach and Long Beach is where we met and fell in love and now live. And there's a view of the Queen Mary which is iconic for Long Beach. I just wish the permits gave us a certain amount of time to have the place to ourselves....oh well

    and Carol Ann is great! We have only met her once but I've been communicating with her via email and she is so accomodating and quick to respond. We reall like her!
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  • Hey... if you're going to get ready at the Maya, make your reservation early. We just tried for ours, and there are no rooms available (this is for our July 21 wedding).  You can always cancel if you change your mind...
  • Oh, thanks for the heads up! I hadn't even thought of the possibility of it being booked solid.
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