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I have a question for all of you...

I would like to know what clothing YOU would really love to see on your groom on your wedding day. Is it a tuxedo, a kilt, a zoot suit, something really industrial looking or steam punk?

What would his accessories be?

I can't wait to hear your answers!

Re: I have a question for all of you...

  • full victorian mourning clothes....prrrrr
  • He's picking out his own clothes, but I like what he's telling me so far for what he envisions- black frock coat, an ascot (I'm hoping he goes for a copper color), white shirt, vest, pants, and top hat... I just have to make sure he doesn't wear sandals! :P It's pretty much what I pictured for him.
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  • He's piced out a classic Victorian style outfit, black pants, cape, white shirt and ascot and a red vest. Im contemplating the top hat If I can convince him to wear it :)
  • Before the wedding, he put on everything he would be wearing: a black pinstripe suit, white shirt, black vest, & black & white wingtips. He looked sooooo handsome, I cried!
  • The Mr wore black bondage pants from Hot Topic, a black vest, a wine color shirt, a top hat and I think skate shoes. He looked impossibly good.
  • My FI is wearing a white tux with a black shirt and hot pink tie/vest. We're also custom designing Converse for ourselves and the WP!
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