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Help with a shower Mad Lib - Fairy Tale style

Hey ladies!   Sooo I may have an odd request here (but hopefully fun?).

I have been working crazy hours recently and my exhaustion seems to have manifested itself into a massive brain freeze.

My fellow bridesmaids and I are hosting a bridal shower for our good friend next weekend and one of my tasks is to write a mad libs story.  (In case you haven't heard of them: Mad libs are stories with words missing, you announce a part of speech -- ex. noun -- and guests yell out a word, which you put into the story.  The end result is a silly story for the bride to read)

We are having a Disney themed shower (not my taste, but the bride loves Disney), so I wanted the Mad Lib to read like a fairy tale.. Once upon a time/Happily ever after.   For some reason, I am having SO much trouble writing it.

I found a few online, but they generally follow the story of Cinderella (evil step mother, etc.).  The problem with those is that my friend's mom will be in attendance and she is VERY sensitive - I could honestly see her thinking it was the BMs taking a jab at her.  

Here's what I have so far:

Once upon a time there was a __________ (adjective) princess named Sarah, who lived in a far, far away land called ___________(city).  Sarah lived in a big ________(noun) and had many ___________(plural noun) who loved her very much.  The only thing missing was her Prince Charming.

Yup.. that's all I got hahah

Any Knotties care to brainstorm some ideas and help me write this story?

Thanks so much!
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Re: Help with a shower Mad Lib - Fairy Tale style

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