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I really need help finding a place for my venue and reception. I feel like ive looked at everything!!!! I think my mistake was going on a tour at the Skirvin. OMG it was breathtaken. Though my guy would love for me to do it there, i just cant see paying that much. Soooo i need help!!!!! Its for about 100-200 ppl. Its going to be May 4th. Perferably an outside wedding and indoor reception. Any ideals???

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    Have you checked around at the golf courses?  Most have beautiful country clubs where you can host the reception and of course a beautiful setting.

    A friend recently used the Festivities Event Center in El Reno.  It has a nice outdoor space for a ceremony with an indoor reception.  I looked at it, annd it appeared very affordable.  

    Castle Falls is beautiful, but more expensive than I am budgeting.

    If you aren't 100% set on an outdoor ceremony check out the farmers market.  Beautiful Venue.

    There are tons of options out there for you!!  Several other wedding chapels around offer outdoor/indoor options.  Good luck!
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    I agree that Castle Falls is a beautiful venue.  Have you checked out the Boathouse or Coles Garden?  I'm also getting married outside and having my reception indoors at the Dominion House in Guthrie.  There are lots of great options for you, it just depends on how much (or little) you are looking to spend.  Good Luck!!

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    Rose Creek Golf Club
    Here is their facebook page that includes a lot of pictures

    Abby has been a pleasure to work with! She is the events coordinator. She is willing to bend over backwards for anyone she works with.
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    I can't help to much because I am getting married at the Skirvin. I walked in and I knew that I could not get married any where else. Hope you find that special place.
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