invitation wording if reception and ceremony are at different places

Do you have to have a seperate reception card? Can't you put ceremony information and then reception to follow at: ********* @ time. Has anyone done this? 123print does not have reception cards. If you have done this can I see examples?


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Re: invitation wording if reception and ceremony are at different places

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    If you are having the reception at a separate location, you are supposed to do a seperate card with the location name and address. We are doing this.

    I don't have the files for our invitations, but they look something like this:

    As far as the size is concerned, I think it depends on what kind of invitation you're doing. We are doing pocket folds so the Reception Card is a different size than the rest of our cards (Directions & Map, Accommodations and RSVP).
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    I used 123print and I used the Note card invitations to make my reception cards
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    you can put everything on the invitation however it can look crowded if there's a lot of wording so most people prefer a seperate card with the address and time of the reception.
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