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So my honey and I are getting married this summer and we're doing it on a budget (who isn't these days?) and I know that some of the biggest expenses are photography, food and the dj. We've got a good idea on who we're using for the photography and food but I don't know anything about dj's. What are some reasonable prices for dj's? Does anyone in the Orange County (Our reception is going to be in Costa Mesa) area know of any good ones? Has anyone already used a certain dj and can give me a good reference? 
Any help would be awesome!! Thanks!Cool

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Re: DJ's??

  • The FI and I are going to use a friend of ours who is giving us a killer deal. Check with your friends and see if they know anyone. If I wasn't going with our friend I would be using my step-father, or my Uncles friend, possibly even my ipod. I know it's not much help, but since you mentioned you're on a budget I thought I'd share what I was thinking about before I finally settled on the option we're using... 

    Good Luck and congrats! 
  • I used Eric from SoCal DJ. He is in the OC. He was the best price I could find.

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    [QUOTE]I used Eric from SoCal DJ. He is in the OC. He was the best price I could find. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
    Posted by breleficent[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div>Do you mind if I ask so much?

  • I used Richard from Thee Original Sounds. He is in the Riverside area but he is willing to travel and he charges pretty cheap. His # is 951-544-7740
  • I hire my friend Evan (aka Maddawg) from Sound Shifter Audio to do ALL of my big parties and wouldn't consider hiring anyone but him for my wedding.  He is bi-lingual too!
    His email is [email protected]
    He will be giving me a discount and I know he works with budgeting brides.  I have personally attended weddings that he has DJed so I know he is good.  He has bubble machine, fog, lights, up lighting etc.
    Tell him Tera from this site referred you and see what he can do for you!  He lives in Upland but will travel to OC.
    Good luck!
    Future Mrs. Borden
  • Elite British DJ. We are using him and he is so awesome so far :).
  • Hello,
         Congradulations on your recent engadement! I am a DJ very to close to your area.
    My rate goes at $100 /hr and I have just booked a batch of weddings for next year.

    Please contact me if you are interested at having me at your wedding.
    I can provide music samples and references at request.

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