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Second Weddings

My 2nd, his 1st - who walks me down the isle?

This is my second marriage, I'm 24, and his first, hes 25.  Neither of us have children. My father walked me down the isle 4 years ago at my first wedding, which was pretty large and expensive. This time my FH and I are funding the wedding ourselves. I feel like it would be wrong for my dad to 'give me away agian', since he did it before. I feel like if he did walk me down people would snicker. I also feel like I am an independent woman so I could walk down alone. Just wanted to get some input. My FH said he would meet me half way. Has anyone ever heard of that before?

Also, our ceremony site is a litte weird, where the isle is in the middle, and then breaks left and right to go up some stairs, and meets again in the middle on a raised platform. So if he did meet me halfway, then what lol, we separate ways again and meet in the middle up top?
 Looking forward to your thoughts! Thank you.


Re: My 2nd, his 1st - who walks me down the isle?

  • I walked alone.  My dad was already dead 16 yrs by the time we married.  My brother & my cousin both offered.  I chose to walk the aisle alone.  It was symbolic, to me, of entering this marriage as a strong & independent woman. 
    As far as your split aisle, I would have him wait on the steps.  You process alone, veer off to the left, meaningful look at the stairs, then each of you walk up the stairs, toward each other, meet in the rejoined aisle, and process to meet the officiant.  Think about your path to getting together, and your walk may be symbolic. ~Donna
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    We walked into the ceremony together, moments after our first look!  It was perfect for us.  We could hold on to each other as we were about to become husband and wife.

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