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Another happy Christmas engagement :)

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post to introduce myself- I'm Lauren, 28, and just got engaged to my handsome, funny (bordering ridiculous in only the best of ways) bf of 5 years. 

I've been lurking a bit on the forums already this week to get some ideas... we're planning (hoping!) to get married October 2013 - it's a short timeline - and I'm looking forward to picking your brains on how these wedding things work:) The Knot's checklist has me totally overwhelmed, haha.

Nice to meet you, and i'm looking forward to exchanging advice!

Re: Another happy Christmas engagement :)

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    Congrats and happy planning!
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  • Congrats!  Take your time and enjoy :)
  • Congratulations!!!!! Happy Planning.

    I got engaged at the beginning of December and we set a date in November so it's on the short side for us too, but also plenty of time. 

    TheKnot checklist is useful IMO, but it's kind of silly too. They will word the same task two different ways, but post it under the months. If you read through it line by line, you'll see what I mean. Some stuff on there won't apply to your wedding. Just cross that stuff off now, if you can. Overall, it's a good guide.
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  • We got engaged last Christmas, and had a July wedding.... totally doable.
  • Thanks so much everyone! I'm glad to see there are other brides out there who've done/are doing a short engagement window, gives me a little extra faith that we can pull this off :):)
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