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Vent - Reception site search

My fiance and I got engaged in July and are trying to plan a wedding for next June, 2012, in the Reading area.  I usually don't post on the boards, but I'm so frustrated right now that I just have to vent.

I am a non-profit fundraiser and as part of my job, I plan events...lots of events.  I am finding it very difficult to be on this side - planning a wedding vs. an organizational event.  I am finding that venues have ridiculous minimums and aren't willing to work with you at all.  Everyone has 'packages' and won't deviate from them...we have to go with a FULL open bar, we can't reduce to just a beer and wine bar...or, we can, but they won't lower the price.  Or, they won't because its a Saturday wedding.  My family is from western PA - so with traveling, I feel like a Saturday wedding works best for us.  And why should a Saturday wedding be more expensive....weddings on other days are just as important.  If their package includes a cake, I ask what the price difference would be to not have the cake....my sister-in-law is a cake decorator.  Nothing - no change.  Maybe they will throw in an extra cheese platter.

I about hit the roof last weekend when I thought that we had found a beautiful tented location...only to drive up and see the tent permanently set up in the middle of a dirt and gravel parking lot.

Sometimes I think that I should plan an 'event' under my organization's name - that would make it a whole heck of a lot easier and less expensive!  (Yeah - I know - I can't really so that....but its a nice dream)

Ok - think I'm done.  Thanks for listening!

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Re: Vent - Reception site search

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    Sorry you are going through all this :(
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    A place I would recommend, if you are having a smaller wedding, is the Moselem springs country club or golden oaks golf club. Both are in the fleetwood/kutztown area. I don't remember there being any minimums, and everything was ala carte, food and beverages. The only downside is that both are rather small, with a hundred people at most. Another place to suggest would be the Barn at flying hills, which is a location only, in which you would hire a caterer, which would also help with your open bar and cake. Good Luck!
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    That stinks :(
    It might be quite far for you but have you heard of the Empress Room in Blue Bell PA (its right off the North East Extension in Montgomery County). I'm in a wedding there next month and my friend picked it for the simple fact that alcohol is not included, they do pretty much everything else. It might be worth a look if you wanted to just hire a bartender and supply beer and wine. Just a thought, good luck with everything!!!

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