Black Tie Catering?

Anybody have experience with Black Tie Catering?

Re: Black Tie Catering?

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    If you look down about 10 topics or so, there's a short thread about them with a few replies.  It's titled Black Tie/Blue Elephant but I believe most of the posts are referring to Black Tie.
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  • Two events, my wedding, my sister's reharsal dinner. Both excellent.. They are a pretty ecclectic wedding was a new england lobster bake, my sister's an authentic Indian meal with incredible decor.

    great people, we loved the staff.

    they are top notch.

    <3 erin
  • I haven't worked with them, but they did a friend of mine's lobster bake rehearsal dinner out on Peaks Island. The lobster was some of the best I've ever had, and the staff was very friendly and responsive to guests. She said they were really easy to work with, though it was a bit pricey for a rehearsal dinner. 
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