Whare are you going on your Honeymoon?


Re: Whare are you going on your Honeymoon?

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    FI and I just decided!! We're going to drive to Gatlinburg and spend 5 nights in a cabin with awesome views =) and a hot tub! ;)

    We're still looking around for the cabin we want to rent but we found a GREAT company thanks to the ladies on the honeymoon board that will only cost us about $500 for the cabin for 5 whole nights, 6 days!  During our honeymoon, we plan on doing a zipline tour through the mountains, and the week we will be in gatlinburg is the week of their fall festival so we're excited to check out some local flavor too! And they have a fantastic aquarium there along with several other cool museums!  Can you tell I'm excited? =P

    We would have LOVED to go international for our honeymoon but that is totally not in the budget... Instead, we're going to save up to visit somewhere exotic for an anniversary down the line =)

    I do have to admit, I'm a little jealous of most of your descriptions of your honeymoons lol
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    Were going to Pun ta Cana inthe Dominican Republic.

    @casims3 We're staying at the Paradisus.
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