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Who do I invite to the bridal shower?

Sorry I'm sure this has been asked before but I am unsure of who to invite to my shower. My sister has been asking for an estimate and I have no clue! I've heard that you don't have to invite all the ladies that are invited to the wedding, but I don't know where the cutoff is. Any advice?

Re: Who do I invite to the bridal shower?

  • We just had immediate family (my parents, groom's parents, and all our siblings) and the wedding party. I included a couple of other close friends as well that weren't part of the party, but still important to me. 

    Ours was a unisex shower, but I would go by the same guidelines and just invite the girls. 
  • You invite your closest friends.  Showers in my area have the MOH and BMs, MOB, MOG, any aunts of the bride, any grandparents of the bride, and about 10 of the bride's closest friends.  Usually the showers have about 15  or 20 people.
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