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American, engaged to Taiwanese

So I'm white American, and my fiance' is Taiwanese.  He never went to a wedding back home and doesn't know much about traditions there, so I'm trying to read up on traditional Taiwanese weddings so I can have an intelligent conversation with my future mother-in-law.

We are both Christians, and so are his parents, but not extended family. His mother is of Han Chinese descent and his father has a lot of native Taiwanese blood, if that matters. And the wedding will be here in the states.

I've read a little bit about the Chinese tea ceremony, but is this followed in Taiwan as well?  Do Christians do it or is it considered too ancester-worshippy? Are there any Japanese customs that are still followed there, or even native Taiwanese traditions?  Do you know of any websites that has this kind of information in English?

Sorry if these are stupid questions, I'm just trying to learn more ^^

Re: American, engaged to Taiwanese

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    Yi don't know about Christians, but I can tell you that tea ceremony is followed in Taiwan as well, but from what I have learned, it  is quite different from the tea ceremony you read online here.  The bride is the only person who serves tea and she serves to everyone on the guy's side, who went to the bride's house to pick her up.. I was also told, though, that tea ceremony is not so essential anymore in a wedding anymore in Taiwan.  A lot of people skip those; but it depends on the people.
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