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Hi Ladies,

Has anyone done shuttles from their reception to their hotels? If so, Can you tell me who you used? and you wouldnt mind, about about much did you spend? how much time did you reserve?

I am having my reception at Pier 9 and reserved rooms at the Ramada in Newburgh. It's about 7miles.


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    We used West Point Tours. We got the big 55 passenger bus. They were great to work with, the bus was right on time, and it was super clean.

    I believe it was around 1200, but that included a refundable $250 deposit. We also had a discount from our reception hall for using them, so in the end it cost us between 600-700. It picked our guests up at 6:30 from the hotel, and left the reception hall at 12:05 to go back to the hotel.
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    We are using A.N.N transportation for 2 shuttle vans. The amount we are paying is escaping me right now but I want to say its like $400 or something. They are going to do 2 trips there and back, and if I need additional its fine, its like an extra $50 or something.  They also have buses available if you need something bigger, but give them a call. The woman who works at the desk is super nice and helpful!!!
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    We used West Point Tours like kristinanddan and I think her prices are what ours were.  They did a fine job-clean and on time. 
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    we used jtr and had a 47 passenger bus for about $800...they do two trips to the hotel (although i don't think anyone used it).  the driver was so nice and i understand great to the guests on the way to the wedding and he waited for all us of to leave the reception that night...even after the contract time.  so great to work with.
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