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April 2012 Weddings

4 Months!

Hey all -

I'm down to FOUR MONTHS!! Holy buckets! I know once 2012 hits, it's going to all go so fast. Hooray!
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Re: 4 Months!

  • I was thinking the same thing...yesterday!  YIKES and i'm ready for the craziness.  :)  I just booked my flight to DC for my bachelorette party (i lived there previously and most of my friends are there)!  :)  It'll be so great to see my friends and celebrate!

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  • I'm so excited i can't wait for the holidays to be over and i'm ready to take on 2012!
  • I am super excited to be 4 months out...but also terrified because I know I still have major vendors to book.  OMG
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  • Yeah Mrs. Davies, we still have to find and book a DJ!  What does everyone else have left?  But at least we are ordering invitations today.  I guess it will be etched in stone now, OMG.
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  • lol @ Megan--that's how it seriously feels, huh! 

    We still need to book tuxes, and we need a wedding night hotel room.  Other than that, I think we have all vendors booked.  We haven't "officially" booked our officiant (get it?  ha...ha.  I'm tired today.  Don't mind me), but he's saved the date for our wedding.  We just need to meet with him to plan our ceremony.

    Aaaand...I still need to register for gifts.  And take engagement pictures.  We have stupid stuff on our list that should be done, but isn't.
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  • I'm in total panic mode! This year has flown by as it is, and I feel like I have soooo much to get done. I have a few DIY projects I haven't even started yet, and a million little checks to check off.... FI keeps telling me to relax and breathe, it'll all get done... of course he thinks that, he's not the one doing all the work! LOL

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  • I cant believe its 4 months left...makes my stomach sick...but in a good way
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