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We are having a mixed wedding of western and chinese but there is little of the traditions and customs of the chinese culture other then a red dress, tea, and selling the bride. Sadly little. So here are my two questions:

Where is the best place to learn the information?

What traditions and customs are must have in the wedding?
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Re: Chinese Traditions and Customs

  • Family and friends who have experience with a mixed wedding would be a good start. This board if you look at back dated posts has a lot of good information too. Some even include links! 

    Traditions: You will want to do the Tea Ceremony for the parents, elders, and close family members. If you are having a Chinese banquet you dinner course will likely consists of 10-12 dishes not including the dessert (wedding cake). It is likely that as the bride you will wear the traditional Chinese garb which can be a qipao (1 piece dress) or qun-kwa (2 piece dress). You'll be expected to go around the tables of your guests to thank them for attending and in return they will bless you and congratulate you. Expect a lot of gold in gifts from older Chinese adults, and also expect that you will wear most if not all of the gold jewelry on your wedding day when you do the Tea Ceremony. 
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