does anyone have suggestion for southern maine transportation other than limos and trollys?? Basically where I want to take pictures a limo and possibly the trolly will not fit (tight turns) I would really like to be able to transport the bridal party with us (we are using a 50's willys army jeep--we were engaged in it and it means a lot to us). So I am interested to see if anyone can come up with anything else even if its a place that rents out hummers or even two convertables or....hmm anything??

and if you dont have any advice for me what did you use/going to use if anything at all?

Re: transportation

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    I need to start looking into it but I've been told that custom coach has vehicles of alllll sizes, limos, cars, hummers, buses, school buses, etc.  Definitely worth checking out!
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    What about the local car rental place?  Someone came up with that idea a couple of years ago and it worked out great.  Something to think about.
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    thanks ladies i will look into those options!
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