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Central New York

Bachelorette Party in NYC on a budget

We are looking to have my bachelorette party in NYC. We are looking to go from a friday to a sunday. What things are reccommended to do? The problem is- is we have a budget. Are there any really good priced hotels Approx early to mid June? What about things to do? Decent clubs?
Any info and suggestions will help!

Re: Bachelorette Party in NYC on a budget

  • lasiduslasidus member
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    You should probably re-post this in the NYC forums. We're all upstate so I don't know how much help we'll be. 
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    Hmm... two suggestions... #1 NYC on a budget is like going to the mall on a budget... if your budget is really tight, you are better off skipping the mall and heading to Target.  Just my opinion... either lose the budget idea or change the venue.  NYC is a pretty pricey place to spend a weekend if you are really looking to go all out and make it an awesome weekend.  Then again I guess it depends on what kind of budget you are talking about... yours may be very different from mine, but I can tell ya for mine (and I actually did check inot it for my girls and I)... we would really have to skimp on a lot of the stuff that, if i chose to go somewhere else, we could go all-out.  Personally, my girls are coming up here and we are doing a wine tour around the finger lakes.  It will cost us about $600 total for a limo for 8 hours, wine tasting passes and 2 hotel rooms at a gorgeous place for 2 nights.... which comes out to 50-60 per person.  When I looked into NYC- the train ride alone from Syracuse is about $40 per person.  Even if we drove, the hotel ran about $180-$200/night and I know most of the clubs charge a $20ish cover... not to mention ridiculously expensive drinks.

    My second suggestion would be to post this question on the New York City board.  You have posted this on the Central New York board which is mostly Syracuse, Rochester, Ithaca, etc.  The ladies from NYC may have some better insider knowledge and cheaper suggestions...

    Good luck!
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