stress stress stress!!! i need ideas!

So school starts back up in mid-January for me. I'll be taking 6 classes (3 are P.E. classes so not a huge load) and working 2 jobs. I graduate in May. Two weeks later I'm getting married. I'm looking at all the things I need to do for the wedding and I'm starting to panic! A lot of it I can't do yet because I have to have a meeting with the venue about specifics, but until that meeting I can't really do anything! I've already made haircombs for the bridal party, did the RSVP cards, monogrammed the aisle runner, and made a very lengthy and detailed "to-do" list by person, category, and date/event. I hate just sitting back knowing I have to wait to do more, and I'm scared the time will fly by once the semester starts. I know a lot of this is just anxiety, which brings me to my question: what do you all do to get your mind off wedding stress (or any stress)! :)
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Re: stress stress stress!!! i need ideas!

  • I understand you fear. I felt that way all last semester. I finally decided to take 30-60 mins a day on the weekends to organize and see what had to be done that week. Update your online planner early on for all the deadlines to be correct. Then relax, study and only worry about what you must do that week. When you get closer to the wedding tons of people will be begging to help you. Throw craft parties or sleepovers to make things. Everything will get done. Take a deep breath and good luck!
  • Delegating definitely helps. Ask your friends to help, give your fiancé a project here and there. I also like using study breaks to look at wedding stuff.
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