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House of Brides Advice

I bought my dress from House of Brides. Luckily my dress came in really early and after having to wait about 3 weeks for an appointment I was able to try it on. When I tried it on we realized that the front of the dress was different then the sample. We expressed our concerns to the consultant and she did not thing. She said that it looked great and looks just like the sample. She even pulled the sample to let me see it was the same, it was not!! Leaving very frustrated, I called a few days later to talk to the manager. I finally got in contact with her and she said she would call me back as soon as she checked the sample and pulled my dress. She never called me back! I called her back 3 days later and she said, "oh yeah I just got done pulling your dress, and it looks wonderful! There is nothing wrong with it!" I went round and round with her on the phone about it and she would do nothing to help. A few days later I made an appointment with alternations to try the dress on. Within 5 minutes there were able to tell there was something wrong with my dress. So they said that they would have it fixed within a week and I could come try it on. So I did. But alternations made it worse. I got so frustrated yet again. Well the manager got involved again and she was even more rude this time. Telling me my only choices are to take the sample, which is gross, or take the dress that they sent me. I have no other option. I want to just stop working with them and get my money back. I am unsure how I should go about this but it needs to be done. They have the worse customer service and they are not willing to help at all. I just want to be done with them. If anyone has any advice it truly would help me :)

Re: House of Brides Advice

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    when you are there, refuse to leave without talking to the manager. if the manager won't do what you need, tell them they need to get the district manager on the phone. keep going up the heirarchy until they get you a new dress or a refund.

    i've heard similar horror stories about house of brides. be sure to review them on sites like yelp.com and google so that they can't get away with this crap.

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    I am so sorry you have to go through this. I hope it gets straightened out in the way you want.
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    I dealt with House of Brides for mine & my bridesmaid dresses. Long story short, they are awful people. My consultant was alright, but once the dress was ordered, I didn't deal with her anymore. The customer service is horrible and even the alterations department is rude (I didn't get my dress altered there). To deal with them, we found you must go in and stage a complaint right there. They will deny everything up & down until you go in and "throw a fit." We had to threaten them with a lawyer & reporting them - that BARELY made them move. Just be stern, take photos & make tell them exactly what is wrong with the dress, as compared to the sample. Good luck, they are terrible & I think it is awful to read so many things about House of Brides...
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    Thank you. I have threatened them with a lawyer and they still have yet to get back to me. The manager is now saying that it is out of her hands because I wrote a complaint into customer relations, mainly about her! But I just feel like my hands are completely tied. I think that I will be filling a small claim and also be going down there in person because I am just being ignored through phone calls and emails.
  • Have you thought about filing a consumer complaint with the Illinois Attorney General's office?  It sounds like a deceptive business practice to advertise one dress (the sample) and give you another dress (your actual dress).

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