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Bridal Shower, yada, yada….

Initially I wasn't excited at the thought of having a bridal shower; mainly due to my age (I turn 39 on 4/26) and that my fiancee and I have lived together for 12 years, so we're already established in our home.  But, now that the shower is two weeks away and I saw that items on our registry were purchased... I'm starting to get really excited about it!  

So far I know there are 16 people attending (out of 40 invites sent) and we're having it at my favorite greek restaurant's banquet room.  Spouses, etc. will also be attending, but they'll hang in the bar or deck area.   I wanted my fiancee to be a part of the shower in some way; he was so sweet during the planning process - - he got himself involved with the BM's to make sure that it was what he knew I would want.  Never thought he'd be so compassionate about the whole wedding process-thing.  But, he surprisingly has been extremely supportive and engaged!

Today is our 75-days-to-go mark and every day I get a little more anxious and excited!!  I feel like I'm in my twenties again; bubbly and gitty.  LOL. 

Anyone else feeling excited and anxious?  Laughing

Have a great day, ladies!

Mrs. M to-be

Re: Bridal Shower, yada, yada….

  • Congratulations!!I know how you feel.  I am 43 and getting married for the first time.  I've wrestled with myself if I should be excited since I am in my 40's already, but I really am starting to feel the excitement with only 4 months left. 

    Enjoy your special events before your wedding because they will be special to you.  I hope you enjoy your shower!!!  Laughing
  • I too am excited.  No shower, but my FSILs asked me the other day if I would like to go out to dinner prior to the wedding to celebrate me marrying their brother.  I thought it was a very nice gesture.

    72 days for us.  Addressing the invites this weekend so they can be mailed on Monday!
  • Ski - I think that will be your shower ;)  SURPRISE!
  • Totally feel excited even at 40 (first marriage too)!  Sometimes I think its silly but why should we be any less excited just because we are not 20!  We have lived and had a good time doing it (I don't know about y'all but I sure did).  I felt odd at first when my friends started making a fuzz about it (in a good way) and I am really just enjoying the whole concept.  An additional plus to being 40 is that I learned a long time ago to say "no" to my mother!!!

    Congrats!! Enjoy you deserve it!!!
    Love isn't finding a perfect person. It's seeing an imperfect person perfectly. ~ Sam Keen
  • Enjoy it all!!!  I get very excited too.  I had my shower last month and although I HATE being the center of attention, it was a lot of fun.  I'm totally looking forward to my bachlorette party next month!  I'm 41, getting married for the first time and I figure why shouldn't I get to do all the "typical" bride things.  That being said, my bachlorette party will be very low key...my closest friends and some of my cousins, just hanging out at my house, playing cards and other games, eating and drinking, listening to 80's music and getting in the spa!!!

    I'm at the 60 day mark today and I get more and more excited with every day that passes!
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