Help!!! Where to get my Bridals done in utah?

So I am going to get my Bridals done in April of 2011. I have no idea where to get some unique pictures taken? Any ideas?

Re: Help!!! Where to get my Bridals done in utah?

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    What part of Utah?  Red Butte is beautiful if your in SLC, as are some of the historical buildings.  If your in Southern Utah the national parks would be amazing. 
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    Go to http://www.ciocophotography.com/ if you live near Salt Lake area. She does gorgeous bridals in wonderful locations.
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    I am in the SLC area. We did our engagements at Antelope Island. So i want something kind of different.Laughing
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    What about at the state capital? I think its gorgeous. You do have to spend 10 dollars to take pictures there...at least inside. But I think its worth it!
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    there is always like a park with a jungle gym, im doing some there. and also im taking some on some train tracks. down some allyways and what not. hope it helps. :D happy planning.

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    Good old Memory Grove, of course - or you could go up one of the canyons if you're not scared of dirt. :) (I am terrified of getting my dress dirty during bridals!)

    Miller Bird Refuge
    Thanksgiving Pt
    Red Butte Gardens
    (the last 2 charge a hefty fee, though)

    Hmm, will come back if I think of some more. I'm having mine done around the same time and have been trying to think of a cool, unique place. 
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    Have any of you been to Castle Park in Provo? just wondering what its like up there?
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