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Bad Luck?

So I have a little dilema and am in need of advice or opinions...

FI and I are supposed to be going to our wedding venue to put our initial deposit down on Saturday (they have been super flexible and have held the date with no deposit for 4 months now!!)  But when I got home from work FI said that he might not be able to go due to having a work related obligation!!  He's pretty bummed and HE asked if it was bad luck for him not to be there...  I have no idea?   He wants to reschedule but  I would hate to since the venue has been so helpful already.   I'm pretty bummed but at the same time, just want to get there to actually sign the papers.    What do ya'll think...anyone hear of it being bad luck, or would you reschedule???

Thanks for any opinions!

Re: Bad Luck?

  • I've never heard of that being bad luck.  If he intially saw the venue and liked it I don't see the problem with you signing papers on your own.

    FI and I went to the venue both fell in love and I went back a few weeks later (by myself) put down the initial deposit and signed all the papers. I haven't had a problem yet!

    I don't practice what I preach but, there is no such thing as bad luck. You make your own luck by the choices you make :)

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  • If it's your venue ... go sign the papers.  There is nothing stopping you.  I don't think it's bad like at all.  You're looking to deep into this.

    Booking your venue is the best check!  Congratulations!

  • Seriously, not everything that doesn't goes as planned is bad luck. Go to the venue yourself and sign the papers FI doesn't need to be there. No need to reschedule, you may lose your date if you do. Things are going to not go as planned, it's better not to sweat the small stuff.
  • I agree with all the PPs! Go book your venue! Congrats on the check :)
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  • When we booked FI came, but it was totally unnecessary. I wrote the check. I signed the contract. Our venue only allows one person to sign in case the wedding is canceled.

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  • FI and I went to look at the venue together and then I went back with my mom to sign the actual contract the next week. He had to work and I was unemployed at the time so I was a bit more flexible with my time, so I did some of the appointments. 
  • WOW!!!  Thank you!!!  I am feeling so much better =)  It's nice to hear that not everyone went and signed "together"!!!!!    YAY!!   Now I am so excited again!! 


    Thank you for the input and for putting a smile back on my face!!!!!!!!
  • I agree with PPs. FI didn't even see our venue before I signed the contract! He was 8 hours away working at the time and I wanted to get it reserved.

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  • Go sign that contract and pay the deposit lady :-)

    I've NEVER heard of that being bad luck! I wouldn't milk the generosity the venue's giving you.
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  • I agree, I don't think it's bad luck, but I might not be the best one to give advice on this topic FI hasn't even seen the inside of our venue. I randomly stopped there one day, fell in love with it, and when he came home from work and saw how excited I was he told me he trusted me and to book it. Ironically it's less than 10 minutes from our house and we drive by the street it's on all the time. He should probably pop in one of these days!
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  • I actually booked our DJ with my mom. FI has never met him or gone to the DJ appointments. He had to work the day of and I was taking advantage of being unemployed at the time to get as much done as possible without having to take time off a future job to get all these booked because my wedding is in CT and we live in NH. 

    So I definitely don't think FI needs to be at every appointment. Most guys I know will be bored to death at the flower appointments. However, if you leave them out of tastings, they will be very grumpy! 
  • I have done many of the appointments with vendors with my mom. FI has crazy work schedules so it's hard for him to get off. It sounds bad but he hasn't meet the baker, photographer, DJ or caterer. He will meet the baker and caterer when we do our tastings. Obviously I talk with him about what I thought before I booked them but FI isn't a big fan of planning and such. 

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  • We are two hours away from my venue.  I have been sending deposits and contracts my mail.  I think as long as you see it together (if possible) then I wouldn't worry at all.
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  • I live 4 hours from where I'm getting married, so the only time I have seen my venue was at another wedding. My mom actually signed it for us.
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