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Short or long dresses?

I am having my wedding in a beautiful barn (The Barn at Harvest Moon Pond) in 2014.  I have yet to pick out my dress- however i envision it to be a ball gown style.  Our "theme" is sort of a vintage-rustic chic.  Our colors are black, white, and light pink.  I know that I want my bridemaids dresses to be black- and that they will carry down a beautiful mixture of white/light pink baby's breath wrapped with burlap.  The one thing I am stuck on, though, is whether the dresses should be short or long.  I have always said I wanted my bridemaids to wear short dresses (Tea length) that are black and not the traditional shiney black that is normally associated with bridemaid dresses so that I know they could wear them again.  Lately though, my sister, who has already had her own wedding, however seems to think that she has a say in all of my wedding day planning (yes, she is a bridemaid- trust me its easier than dealing with the drama of her not being in it!)  She has started looking at BM dresses and was looking at long ones- despite my already informing her of my plan. I explained the reasons for a short dress but she (and my other sister) have said that they do not plan to wear the dress again regardless of weather they are short/long/shiney/not shiney.  Since you have heard my "theme" would you think a ong dress would be okay? or should i stick with the short dresses? (i am not normally a push over- but I would just like to make her shut up so I do not turn into a bridezilla on her!)

Re: Short or long dresses?

  • I should also mention the wedding is in early June
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    When it is closer to 2014, you can make this decision. They are not even going to be trying on dresses for over another year for your June wedding. In the meantime, refuse to discuss it with her. If she brings it up, change the subject to distract her. Tell her it's a year too early even to be discussing it. Tell her you'll consider her wishes, maybe let everyone try on different length dresses. Tell her the 2014 designs won't be out for another year. Until then, tell her you'll keep an open mind about it and she needs to as well. Eventually she should tire of the subject. In January 2014, you'll have a better idea of your vision anyway.
  • My feeling is that you have to go either long or short. Tea length is just odd, especially if you're short because it makes you look shorter.  Make your decision a year from now and stop running things by your sister.
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    Your sister is right, hardly anyone ever wears a BM dress again. With it being a June wedding I would vote for short vs. long. First I think long is a little too formal for a barn wedding, especially in black (just my opinion). Second I think shorter will be more comfortable for the girls in June then a long dress.

    FYI...keep the time of year in mind when picking out your dress. Thank goodness my wedding was in November, I had a strapless satin & ball gown and with the weigh the satin & the tulle layers of the dress plus the slip I was so hot. I was going around outside in 40 degrees weather (Cleveland, OH) with no coat & wasn't cold at all. Try to find your self a lighter weight dress, you will be thankful you did on your wedding day.

  • I agree with everyone else, it's too soon to think about it, and put your sister off with that comment as well. I also agree that tea length is not a good look for most women, it cuts off the legs and is difficult to wear again in any other context.

    I'm all about making decisions that make it easier for the bridesmaids. When we married last August, I had bridesmaids between the ages of 16 (my daughter) and 50+ (my friends). They wore sizes between a 6 and 20. I simply asked them to find "little black dresses" that they felt were flattering and they'd wear again. This is a very easy thing to do if they are wearing black dresses. Many designers of bridesmaid dresses today make dresses in the same "line" with various necklines & styles to accomodate people who are flattered by different necklines, waistlines, etc.

    2 of my BM chose strapless styles, 1 had a halter style, 1 had a v-neck style. They were different fabrics, but they all looked nice together. I felt it was important that they have something they could wear again. I have a hard time believing someone would say they can never wear a little black dress again, LOL. My closet is full of them!

    Good luck.
  • I do think it's your wedding, so you should get to choose and if you always have dreamed of black, don't let others sway you...but........

     to be honest, I think black dresses don't necessarily fit with a nice rustic outdoor June wedding if you really want to stick with the theme.  To me (just my opinion), I think more calming, earthy type colors in that situation. Black is more formal...

    You can choose long or short for a june wedding. Just be careful of fabric if you pick a long dress since you will be outside in June..

    If you want it, stick to it...but just keep in mind, that isn't necessarily consistent if you are big on themes.

    I agree with others. It's way too early to think about it or try on dresses, so don't try to have the argument now because everyone might change their mind later anyhow..In other words, don't waste time fighting now, when it all might change later..make sense?
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