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I'm thinking about doing a cookie and candy table combined. Would that look okay? I live in NE Ohio and you don't have a reception without a cookie table in my area...everyone expects it. We have asked our grandmothers to bake all their specialty cookies (as well as some new kinds they would like to make!), but I love the idea of a candy table with candy in apothecary jars!
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Re: Cookie/Candy Table

  • I think it would look okay.  I like candy, and I like cookies, so I wouldn't complain!
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  • I'm from the same area, and I have a huge Italian family, so the cookies are a must and i completely get it!

    Maybe you could put the cookies in trays that are the same as your wedding colors? Or if you put them in a cake dish, with some kind of colored paper/tissue that way you still get that old fashion glass effect like the apothecary jars... I dont think I am explaining it right haha

    I think you will be fine to put them together, just try and find a cute way to incorporate the color and it will work out!
  • We are doing this! FI and his family are from Pittsburgh, so this is a must! I have purchased apothecary jars, trays, and then we will also use cake stands so that some of the cookies have height on the table. It will all be mixed together, the cookies and candy.
  • I'm from Pittsburgh, we're of course having a cookie table as well! I think the candy in the jars would look great!  Do you have the explanation of the cookie table?  Most people who will be attending know about it since they're local, but we're going to print and frame it, because I think a lot of people will like to read it anyway. 
  • Cookies and Candy combined sounds cute, also glasses of milk would be cute to have on tables. I like the look of different sized jars and canisters.
  • I'm having both! I'm having the cookies on clear glass pedastal cake plates and the candy in clear glass apothecary jars.
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  • I did this...I had my candy buffet in the middle with the apothecary jars and then on both sides I had small round tables with all the cookies. I also included little signs on the small tables to explain the cookie table to non-pittsburgher guests. it looked absolutely beautiful and I got so many compliments on it!!
  • What is the explanation of the cookie table? Georgia girl here, and I have never heard of a cookie table....It sounds really cute though :)
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