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Hey ladies! So my big day is 20 days away!! I cannpt believe it! Today I mailed out our final flower and DJ payments! I can't believe how fast the time flew and now I feel like it is going by so slow! We are flying back to NH (Live in FL) next Thursday and I feel like the days couldn't go by ANY slower! My fiance and I are so excited not just for the wedding, but to be back with our family and friends. My fiance is in the Air Force and when he got stationed down here a year ago was the last time that he has seen any of his friends and family. It is really going to be an amazing time for us and I really just cannot wait!

With all of that said, I am totally FREAKING out! haha I am having such wedding anxiety and getting really worried about how the day will actually turn out. Since I live in Florida, my mom has done most of the wedding planning and I totally trust her but I hate surprises and I am getting some anxiety about how the day will turn out. I am sure that this is totally normal for me to feel like this, however, I just want the day to get here haha!
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    Congrats on the checks!  I can totally understand why you would be anxious, but I think it's pretty normal to be anxious about how it's all going to come together, whether you've planned it yourself or had someone do it for you.

    I can't imagine how super excited you must be, though!  Best wishes, I hope everything goes smoothly between now and your big day!
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    Not to worry! I'm sure your day will be beautiful and perfect! :)
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    Thank you so much girls! I really appreciate the kind words!
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