Stay Away from Tower Bridal in Portland!

Many of the ladies are extremely rude.  I got a good deal on my dress but then they charged twice what they estimated for alterations and the alterations turned out horrible.  The tailor didn't know how to alter a wedding dress like mine.  They were unapologetic and treated me so rude, and I'm a nice person.  They also wanted to charge $45 to steam the dress after I already paid $175 for bad alterations.  The BBB gives them an "F" for failing to respond to two other complaints.  I will be filing a third complaint.

Re: Stay Away from Tower Bridal in Portland!

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    Thanks for the warning - I got my dress there and will now be looking for a different place to have the alterations done.  Since I haven't even had my first fitting yet, it won't be a problem. 

    I'm sorry that happened to you!
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    For alterations, go see Kathi Agen in Gresham.  She's absolutely wonderful, and has always been highly recommended on this board.


    So sorry you had such a bad experience :(
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    Oh man, that sucks.  I'm sorry you had an awful experience...

    For brides looking for a good deal and great service, everyone should pay a visit to Beautiful Brides for Less in Vancouver.  Everything is off the rack, so there's no waiting around for orders... and the sales ladies there are no pressure.  They only came to check in on me to make sure I had everything I needed and didn't try to pressure me into any dresses.

    their dresses range from 99 - 400 dollars... so it's really a good deal if you're on a budget.
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    I got my dress at Tower last summer. I LOVED my dress (cheap stuff there!) but really, you get what you pay for.
    And they didn't have any idea where my dress was, when it would show up, really obnoxious.

    They offered free alterations, but no way was I going to give them my dress back after they were so obnoxious.

    Take it to Kathy!
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    I'm sorry you had such a bad experience at Tower! I got my Maggie Sottero dress there (I bought it off the rack), and had a great expereince. They weren't pushy and let me pick and choose what I wanted, then helped me in and out of the dresses. I moved recently after getting my dress so I wont be getting my alterations done there, which from what I'm reading is probably a good thing. Again, sorry for the bad experience, getting your wedding dress is supposed to be a positive experience!
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