Hi Ladies,

I am passing the mod torch on.  I've been the mod for over a year, and find myself frequenting the boards less, and so want to switch it up to keep the chatter and advice continuing.

Jewel224 will be taking over for me sometime in the next week or so.  I know that she will do a great job.  She has already helped a lot of people with the wedding deals of the day, and great advice.  

I will still visit the boards from time to time and post, so I won't be gone forever!  I really appreciate all the help I was given when I was getting married from everyone, and all the congratulations.  Happy planning to all the future brides!


Re: "Retiring!"

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    Having married in June 2010, I also don't frequent the board as often, but it's nice to see some of the other newlyweds of my "era" whenever I do. It's a bond we share from when planning consumed so much of our time. I'll miss you, and thanks so much for your time and help. See you around!

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    Thanks for your advice, happy retirement.
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    Enjoy your "retirement"!! 

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