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Ceremony Advice

So I need advice the Church I want to be married in only has an 11:30am ceremony time available. Is it too early? Especially when the reception doesn't start till 6:00pm.I worry that the am might be hectic for hair makeup getting ready especially with 7 bridesmaids I worry about the gap for the guests... But this church has special meaning for me... Should I find anothery church with a later time or try to make it work? Anyone have a similar situation?

Re: Ceremony Advice

  • I'm having a 4 hour gap on my day. For the girls, to make it easier on time, everyone who wants to have their hair done professionally is meeting at the salon and everyone gets their own stylist so this way, we should all be done in about an hour or less depending on the styles everyone picks. We're not having makeup done professionally so that saves time, but again, if you can have it done at the salon, it will add minimal time because they'll do each girls makeup as their hair is done.

    For the time between, on my website I provided a list of things to do that were between the church location & reception site. I included prices for people would know what to expect. We're having no out of town guests so we really don't need to entertain them, but for locals who are traveling from one side of town to the other for the event, we thought giving them ideas on things to do to kill time would be nice. I also tried to find as many free or cheap things and kept in mind that people would be dressed up when they go.

    You won't need that big of a gap for photos so maybe see if there is someones's house where you and the bridal party can go after pictures are all done to hang out and relax some before going to the reception. Have some snacks or sandwich tray available for them so they aren't totally starving (or drunk) when you get the reception.

    Don't be shocked if people bring thier kids to the cermony (or ask if it's ok) because then they don't have to drop the kids off or pay for a sitter for two different times. Plus for some it might make it a lot easier to even get a sitter for just the time for the reception.  My theory is as long as they are behaved, I don't mind them at the ceremony, then drop them back off & come back out for the party.

    I picked the venue I dreamed of since I was a little girl, yes there is a big time gap, but I have no regrets.

  • Great thank you for the advice! I decided to go with the Church I want! :)
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